Casket selection can often be a most difficult decision made at a most difficult time.   Boone Funeral Home provides caskets from three major, reputable casket companies, Aurora Casket Company, Batesville Casket Company, and Matthews Casket Company.  A casket from any one of these companies may be ordered at any time.   Metal Caskets Gleaming beauty and optimum protection make metal a preferred choice in steel, stainless steel, and semi-precious metals. Click here to view our line of Bronze and Copper Caskets. Click here to view our line of Stainless Steel Caskets. Click here to view our line of Steel Caskets. Wood Caskets Nothing compares to the rich, warm glow of well-crafted hardwood. From the elegance of solid hardwood to the simplicity of hardwood veneer, this assortment shows a variety of woodsand finishes that cater to all tastes. Click here to view our line of Wood Caskets. Outside Containers / Vaults Outside containers (vaults) are available to meet a variety of financial and emotional needs.  Some cemeteries require outside rigid containers, while others do not.  Urn vaults are also available upon request. Click here to view our line of Outside Containers/Vaults. Urns A few urns are kept in stock at all times, and most urns can be shipped overnight.  Photographs of available urns can be viewed at any of our local offices. Click here to view our line of Urns.    

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