Boone Funeral Home, Inc. prides itself on offering a variety of insurance products to meet the consumer’s needs. Boone Benefit Association is the insurance entity of Boone Funeral Home and has been a part of Boone since its inception. Boone Benefit Association offers Class A burial policies as well as a complete line of Industrial Life Insurance policies through Allied Funeral Assurance Company. Funeral services create a great deal of expense above and beyond the funeral home. Cemetery fees, flowers, death certificates, clergy honorariums, accommodations for out of town family members, and newspaper obituaries are just a few cash items incurred as a result of death and subsequent funeral services. Insurance through Boone Benefit Association can be used to meet these cash outlay requirements at the time of need. For further information on any insurance products offered through Boone, call 662-335-9638, the direct line for Boone Benefit Association or send an email to Any of our licensed insurance agents are willing to help with questions and/or insurance needs.